Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy


Under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) community broadcasters are not permitted to broadcast 'advertising'.

Sponsorship, however, is permitted and this is akin to a limited form of advertising. The BSA outlines two key requirements of a sponsorship announcement:

  • Sponsorship content will be limited to five minutes in any hour (BSA Sch 2, Part 5 clause 9 (3))
  • Every sponsorship announcement will be clearly “tagged” (BSA Sch 2, Part 1, clause 2 (2)(b)).

In line with Code 6, Hawkesbury Radio will make sure that:

  • Sponsorship will not be a factor in determining access to broadcasting time
  • Editorial decisions affecting the content and style of overall station programming are not influenced by program or station sponsors
  • Further information on sponsorship requirements is available ACMA’s Community Broadcasting Sponsorship Guidelines 2008 – see www.acma.gov.au.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the BSA and the Codes and also to give clear direction on Hawkesbury Radio’s policy toward sponsorship.


  1. All sponsorship announcements will comply with the key sponsorship conditions outlined above.
  2. All sponsorship arrangements shall be recorded on a standard contract and approved by the board.
  3. Sponsorship will not be accepted from companies that promote tobacco or gambling
  4. Sponsorship from companies promoting alcohol may be accepted, however the announcements must not:
    1. Promote the misuse of alcohol; or
    2. Be directed towards minors
  5. Sponsorship will not be accepted from individuals or groups whose policies or practices are inconsistent with the general directions of Hawkesbury Radio
  6. Sponsorship announcements will be produced and presented in a style and form consistent with the program in which they are to be placed.
  7. Individual presenters and members are not entitled to seek sponsorship on behalf of Hawkesbury Radio or a station programme without the written consent of the board.
  8. Under no circumstances can presenters accept gifts, products or services or payments in return for promotion of a product, service or business
  9. Hawkesbury Radio reserves the right to refuse any paid announcement

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Station Membership

Join your local station and join us in serving and informing our local community!     Download the Membership Application form,  print it out and after completing it as fully as you can, send it to us at 

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Or alternatively drop it into the office at the above address.

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